Monday, January 10, 2011

Music & lyrics.

I want to blog so much it HURTS. Literally, it hurts so much when I (rarely get the chance to) read someone else's blog, and feel that water of creativity start to run, and it's like there's a dam somewhere down river where all the water collects and puuuuushes so hard against that dam. It wants to break...I WANT it to break, and flood my fingers and keyboard and monitor and blog with amazing thoughts!!!!!

(And eventually, I'd love for those amazing thoughts to catch the eye of some cool, understanding publisher who wants to turn them into a published book.)

Sigh. But I do not have words. I never know what to write about. It's like I have the voice...but nothing to say. And I want to cry because I search my heart for beautiful words and thoughts and so far I feel like I'm only hearing the music play, but there are no lyrics.

But I thank, praise, and exalt God for the music! And I will renew my commitment to pray for the lyrics. If God gives us the music, won't he give us the verses, too? I have to believe so.

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