Monday, January 24, 2011

I, I, I...what begins with I?

I have read several blogs tonight, and now I must blog. I am in the mood to blog. Something medium-lengthy with meaning. Something with revelation. Something with heartstrings. Something that will make people feel good.


Like I was saying, I will make a list of my random thoughts, in survey form.

I am...just a little bit chilly. Any time the living room door is left open, the cold air from the hall comes right in. It usually warms right up again once it's closed, but ice cream doesn't help.
I would...I'm not sure. I'll have to actually think about this. Usually these things come to me quickly.
I like...chocolate. [2] (see earlier posts for the reason this number is here) I love it, actually. I'm quite addicted. Ice cream, in particular. (See item #1.) I'm admittedly an emotional eater; food (chocolate food, more specifically) has always been very kind and supportive. At times it becomes a desperate situation and, however hard it may be (and trust me, it isn't pretty), it becomes necessary to remove it from the house.
I can...right here, "jump up and down" popped into my head. I have no idea why. But more truthfully, today "I can" feel that God is making Himself known to me. [3] This is especially nice because this morning I told Him I couldn't feel Him much anymore. (My fault, not His.) And even nicer, because He did it quite obviously....even though the surrounding events were convoluted and frustrating. How powerful (and compassionate!) is our God that He can be obvious in murkiness.
I might...get to go grocery shopping tomorrow. Who knows. The snowy weather has been typically unpredictable yet consistent (New England living, anyone?). (This answer is lame. I'm sorry.)
I will...make it to bed before Hubby gets home! I WILL!!!
I more often. I have things to say more often, but they're not always long diatribes, so I cut myself off at the knees and don't even bother starting them. Little blogs are okay, too, Little Author Carrie.
I do...not always know how to be friends with someone of a different belief system than me. I make it too hard, I think.
I know...that I should probably ease up on my teenager. I thought today how Jesus said, "Go, and sin no more," even though He knew FULL WELL that that woman would indeed go and sin again....but He didn't harp on it any more than that. (sigh) Grace. It's a toughie.
I want...more of Jesus' heart, and less (way, WAY less) of my stupid bitterness and frustration.

Revisit: I would...really like to see how it would work if I got to bed on time so that I could get up on time. That's my ultimate plan, after all. All those early morning times with God, times of quiet, times of coffee, times to start my day refreshed and not crazed... It must be an amazing sight.

Good night. (See? I'm going to bed before Hubby gets home.)

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  1. I love you so very much and you make me laugh. Thank you!


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