Friday, September 24, 2010

A momma's life for me.

Yesterday, I had Hot Wheels in my fridge.  Today, I have a pair of toddler's jeans in a baking dish.

This led me to wonder how many other contradictions were in my house. My non-exhaustive list has become:
- a carseat in my living room.
- a ukulele on my wall.
- a crown on the gerbil cage.
- spray paint next to the microwave.
- a bed frame in my entryway.
- a fish tank on the kitchen table.
- a mailbox on my end table.

What life-with-children contradictions are in your house?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chapter 1.

The very fact that I should not be taking the time to begin my blog and design how pretty it will be is the very reason I'm writing it. When I start it doesn't matter; I'll never actually "have time" to.

So I'm starting it with the fact that, minutes ago, my younger son (1yo) arrived in the living room with the bottle of relish. That should give you a small taste of my life.

Stay tuned...