Monday, July 18, 2011


Today, I begin a new week.

Today, I will get a bunch of kids packed into a van to take one child to gymnastics for 45 minutes. I'll probably bring my Bible with me (again), hoping to read it during his class, but with a 2yo making the rounds between playing in the water fountain and pushing buttons on the vending machines, I probably won't actually read it (again).

Today, I'll try to remember to get the hamburger out of the freezer for tonight's dinner. It needs to be cut up and separated, so the earlier the better.

Today, I will clean up a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes, which is one of those mysteries since we weren't home much of the weekend. (If I can get to them before Someone Else does, because there really aren't that many, but I wouldn't want them to be "overwhelmed" by them all again.)

Today, I will clean up the packaging mess (read: giant cardboard box) from the bench we picked up on Saturday (it's so pretty!) before it starts getting used as a fort/playhouse/car garage/Polly Pocket house/thing that I get frustrated by having to wheel the computer chair around. (It's called a "farmhouse bench." Isn't that just woonnnnderful?)

Today, I will try to remember that I need to do laundry. (That seems to keep skipping my mind this last week.) And I will fold all the laundry that is in the living room. And I will try to get it to the appropriate rooms. And I will try to remember to get my kids to do their own, because that's okay and right.

Today, I need to get caught up on bills, so that we can, as my FB-friend said, "start the week off right...and start the week off with no money." :)

Today, I will remember that trials are meant to bring us closer to God, so that when I start getting frustrated by hubby being out e.v.e.r.y night this week, I'll remember to Whom I should be turning for sustaining. (And I will be grateful that one of those nights out includes the rest of us, and a visit with wonderful friends, and a much-needed playdate for the Big Man...the 4yo, not Hubby. And will include some much-needed homeschooling discussion for us 'rental units, since it's with some hs'ing veterans.)

Today, I will keep reciting what the Bible said this morning (via an app...via Facebook...via my phone...gosh, I make it hard for God to get in touch with me, eh?)...
"Let the wonderful kindness and the understanding that come from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ help you to keep on growing. Praise Jesus now and forever! Amen."
(2 Peter 3:18 CEV)
I will keep on growing. I am a work in progress, and that means on-going, still in process. God has promised to complete me.

Today, I will try to move slower, but with more purpose, both in body and mind, so that the right response to situations has time to get to my brain before the wrong action shows up first. I will try to correct my children calmly and biblically, instead of harshly and annoyedly. (Yep, that's a word.)

Today, I will try not to get bogged down at the computer, waiting for any of my favorite blogs to have a new post, and hovering over my blog's statistics as though staring at them will make them go up. :)

Today, I will keep reminding myself that next week is VBS at church which means lots of fun, lots of fellowship, and hubby's vacation week. :) (It's free; you should come! Trust me, this is a crazy week with hundreds of kids and dozens of grownups who LOVE them!)

(And hopefully, with so many nights out for hubby this week, it can mean a whole lot of early bed nights for me!)

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