Saturday, July 16, 2011


This whole post is based on a picture on my bloggy-friend Alicia's site of her cherries. (Not the one above; those are just my pretty table flowers.) Homegrown, picked right from the tree, hand-pitted. I am, admittedly, slightly jealous. So I felt the need to post a picture of my own.

In the spirit of honesty (wink, wink, Alicia), I did not grow these strawberries. I probably wouldn't be any good growing strawberries. BUT! I did cut them up myself. :) And, to lend an air of authenticity, that knife is the very knife that my grandmother would've used to cut up any and all fruits and veggies.

And I continued on with my oh-so-domestic self, and made a Waldorf salad.

(Although growing up, I had no idea that's what it was called.) Growing up, my grandmother made it with apples, raisins, and.....some sort of white salad dressing thing? I thought it was Miracle Whip; my mom says it was mayo. I made it a few days ago with mayo (and apples from an actual grocery store); tonight I made it with Miracle Whip (and apples from Walmart). Whereas I have determined that it was indeed Miracle Whip that Grammy made it with, I have also determined that I like it better with mayo (and apples from the grocery store). In this picture, the apples oddly look like potatoes. Don't judge the edibility on the picture. can. It wasn't that good.

I had decided that dinner tonight would be a clear-out-the-pantry dinner.
And for all this, my daughter chose tuna (not on the table), pineapple, and apple slices with peanut butter (also not on the table). My son chose chicken nuggets (one guess) and pineapple. Master Greyson and I split a can of ravioli, attempted the apple salad (r.e.a.l.l.y. not that good, but he made a full-hearted attempt), and had some strawberries.

Also in the pantry was this... (I do believe I need to invest in a 10x10 pan. And why yes, that IS a Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl! They're so handy. Want one??? Call me! :) )
...and this...
I need to figure out what to sprinkle on top - the fork for the criss-cross kept sticking to the dough.

For those wondering: raw cookie dough edibility of the chocolate chip cookies - about a 7 (definitely not real, but definitely edible); peanut butter cookies - not attempted.


And because I was a super fishie momma, I cleaned Snowflake's bowl, made it shine. I love when the sunlight hits the bubbles on the plant. It's the little things.
Snowflake says good night.


  1. I dip my fork in sugar before pressing peanut butter cookies, it keeps them from sticking and adds a little sparkle!

  2. Good idea, Crystal; thanks!!


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