Thursday, June 16, 2011

Frenzied selfishness.

A long time ago, a friend of mine sent me an email forward called "frenzied selfishness" where you're supposed to just go crazy and describe your perfect happy life, everything you truly want (not frivolous "I want everything" kind of stuff, but stuff you really crave). Whereas I've decided I disagree with the premise - God gives me everything I need, and I truly don't desire a great amount of possessions or money; they only bring more problems - we all do have our heart's desires, and every so often, they well up and you feel like just stamping your foot at God a little bit. Here goes.

I want my in-laws out of my house. I want that room back.

I want my OWN house. A farmhouse, if it's not asking too much. With an acre or two. (I've lived all 6 years of my marriage, and truly every year of my life, save college, WITH MY PARENTS. I'm pretty done with that.)

I want to homeschool my kids. All of them. (Except my oldest. She's my stepdaughter; we don't have a good personality mix for me to try to teach her. It wouldn't go well. And she doesn't want me to anyway, so it's all good.)

I want my children to rise up and call me least a little more often. I want more to show for what I'm doing in the house. I want my kids to care about keeping the house clean (or at least their stuff).

I want to be Really Good at something outside of the house; I want someone to think of me as someone really good at something in particular.

I want a dog (but that's happening soon).

I want more kids without feeling guilty about it.

I want to lose weight, look like the person I feel like inside, time to go to the gym, and a level road to go running, or at least for a walk.

And I want a blog that people will read and relate to, and I want to write more often and have it be really good. I want to have something to share.

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