Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Clean laundry and pancakes for dinner.

Let's just say, right off, that this post will not help my Wordle pictures. I am a mess.

My head is completely plugged, except for the annoyingly brazen glop that is running down my throat making it hurt. My stomach muscles are non-existent (thank you, three children, and a complete lack of self-discipline) and thus my lower back has decided to spasm again. No bending over for me (sorry, quads). And my feet. are. killing. me, because I was stupid and wore my flip-flops all day yesterday. Not to mention that I NEED NEW SNEAKERS, and I have $21 in our checking account. (Next week isn't looking good either.) I bought these, oh, I don't know, like at least five years ago, and I've simply worn them out. But it's better than nothing. Wearing them, I can bear standing up.

The silver lining is that school is out, and yesterday was a fantastic first-day-of-summer day, given that I do not like much heat, and yesterday there was shade available and a breeze. My oldest has flown back to Nevada to spend the summer with her mom and family there, so the house is a lot quieter. (The silver lining is the quiet, not that she's gone.) And all that's on tap for today is taking a couple bags of trash and the recycling to the dump, and then folding and ridding the living room of A LOT of laundry, which we are blessed to have. (I did manage to find the kitchen sink and counter yesterday.)

At least it's clean and sorted (go, me!). And, per Mr. 4-year-old, pancakes for dinner!

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