Thursday, June 23, 2011

The day.

So yesterday was terrible for productivity. The dishes piled up again (although not as badly from doing the real disaster the day before) but I got the kids to pick up some of the living room floor with the promise of "Happy Feet" during dinner (tricky now that we have the dog). And last night, simply because I couldn't leave it there, I cleaned up the last little bit of the floor.

Last night, we finally bought Christmas presents for my niece and nephews. We didn't have the funds at Christmas-time, and while picking up a kiddie pool last night that my MIL wanted to buy but didn't have room in her car for, we found a sale table at Toys'R'Us. Three gifts for $24! We need to give serious thought to doing Christmas at some other time of year when the sales are better. However, on their first day of summer vacation (ours happened last Friday but we're in a different school district), they're staying home with their dad (working from home). So our wrapped gifts will sit on the piano for the day, and we'll try again tomorrow.

Today I'm feeling better (no hit-by-a-truck feeling), but I'm coughing all the time and have zero voice. It has been explained to my children that I will not be repeating things a thousand times; the tolerance meter has gone way down. They will listen and obey the first time. We'll see.

On tap for the day -- Elijah's make-up gymnastics class. Then I need to figure out what's happening with the laundry. I ended up doing me and hubby's laundry yesterday, which is supposed to be the girls' laundry day, but Morgan's laundry (or some of it) was already down here, and Sabrina doesn't have any laundry to wash, so I swapped it. Today I'll run Morgan's load, and the boys' since Elijah has no more clean shorts or shirts as he has peed in all of them. (sigh) Twice a week may not be often enough for his laundry. He's wearing swim shorts to gymnastics. So be it. I know...the obvious answer is simply that he doesn't pee in his underwear, but that's a taller order than it seems. It would take me physically taking him to the bathroom every half hour to make sure he actually pees (an actual issue)...maybe now that I have three kids instead of four, that might actually be possible.

I was thinking last night... I sit down at the computer, and I keep doing Google searches for "Christian farmhouse blogs." Do you know that doesn't really bring up anything? A couple, but for the most part, crunchier than is my goal. I want to sit down and read something about a wide open field, or an encouraging Scripture, or about kids being self-entertaining and creative, or about a nice project to do with the kids, or about a house being open and airy and clean and old and farmhousey. I can't find a blog like that. would seem that I need to WRITE the blog I want to READ. Hmmmmmm......

So at some point I may add random pictures of my attempts of farmhousing my house (or at least the kitchen and bathroom). :)

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