Monday, April 18, 2011


First of all, I want to say that I'm very grateful to my one follower. :) Having only one is depressing, but how depressing would zero be?

Second, this is going to be what I've learned is called a "microblog": a very short blog.

I love writing. I like physically writing better than on the computer, but I love that I know how to type and I'm very grateful for that. (I keep being told that I should be a transcriptionist or something else that uses typing, but I have yet to break into any such field.)

I have no great following of people, but I want to blog, and so I shall. If hubby agrees, I will soon be delving into the homeschooling venue, and hopefully then I'll have much more to write about. I'd love to write about what happens in my life every day, but what happens in my life every day keeps me from blogging. :) I'm not great at setting goals other than getting laundry and dishes done, but if I were to set one, that might be it -- to sit down and blog whenever possible.

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