Thursday, April 21, 2011



Tonight I went to Walmart (by myself) to buy Easter basket stuff for the kids (by myself). (I only mention it because it's something Hub and I usually do together, but this week is especially busy for him with being in the Living Last Supper on Friday: lots of rehearsals. The only day we'd be able to do it together is Saturday night, and that seems wrong somehow.)

I got the stuff for the baskets no problem, then started in on Morgan's tights, Elijah's shirt, and then thought I'd check for a shirt for Sabrina. She should have one, of course, but she's 13 and the chances of me finding something she'd think was acceptable were slim. But I looked anyway. It proved to be almost as much annoyance to do it without her there as it would be to do it with. It's not that I don't like shopping with her...when the time is right. But on the fly, it's not a pretty sight. Every shirt must be viewed, considered, and then possibly viewed again. Then, at the very end...she might have to look at shoes instead.

I was on the phone for the next hour, sending texts, sending pictures, asking which one she'd like better of the few I could find that she might like coupled with the few that we'd allow. After trying on two shirts of my own while waiting (BIG mistake, by the way; don't try on shirts while you're pms'ing, for one, and for another...just ICK...I was reminded again why I'm doing this Lenten journey), I decided I was just going to get this one shirt I was waiting for her answer on, and just take it back if she didn't like it, and go home.

I got home at 10:30. For the record, my ideal bedtime is 9:30, although I've just about never made it that early. One of our nephews was staying the night, so when I got home, he, Sabrina, and Hub were playing Mario. I joined in for a short while until Hub started using his Yoshi to bounce me all over the place, and then I gave up.

Just add it to the list of things you don't do while pms'ing. On the flip side, my kitchen table looks much better. ( did, until we got pizza for dinner.) Here's praying for a better day tomorrow! :)

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