Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 3.

Day 3.

Wow. Satan really tested our committment-against-junk-food limits today. We discovered that our newly-teenaged daughter has been deceiving us for about a month. MAJ. OR. LY. It's been layer upon layer upon layer. Nothing physical or dangerous...unless Hub kills her. Both fortunately and unfortunately, his anger goes much deeper than yelling. It's betrayal. He didn't talk at all for a while. (On the fortunately side, I think that had the bigger impact on the 13 year old.)

So trying to figure out dinner was just that -- TRYING. And in the end...I don't know, is Chinese food considered junk? Hub says, in good conscience, he was able to order Chinese food and still feel as though he was sticking to our no-junk-food pact. I said, "but what's that I always hear about Chinese food and MSG?" He said it doesn't have MSG in it. I asked him how he knew. He said, "because they have a little sign that says 'no MSG.'" Can't argue with reason, I guess.

So...on we trudge. It would've been CLASSIC chocolate material, though. Thank God for my coffee, and I mean that in the most sacred way possible. Tomorrow will be a beautiful day in church; nothing will bring me down (and we. will. get out of the house on time). The Ethiopia missions team is (FINALLY!!! ok...only a week and a half later, but I'm dying here) doing a recap of their trip, and perhaps I will see video of our sponsor kiddo, my beloved Matewos. I've been waiting oh-so-eagerly for this day. Waterproof mascara tomorrow, for sure.

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