Friday, May 20, 2011

Things I like.

I'm interested in some things. Amazing, isn't it?? I'm a mom...but I have outside interests!

I am trying to be more content with my family as my God-given job and hobby right now, rather than looking outside of myself and my house for something to make me feel fulfilled. But these aren't things that would be taking my focus...just the things that I truly enjoy reading about, researching, looking at, thinking about, and being surrounded by. And I want to write them down, because every so often...I happen to forget what they were...

In no particular order:

- Amish / Shaker / colonial living. I love the ideas of living more simply in my kitchen. Not organically, although I think that would happen by default. Moreso the economy of space; minimalist furniture; the use of stone, wood, and glass; etc. I love farmhouse kitchens, I have open shelves for my dishes, and I have my pots, rolling pin, and Foley food mill on the wall. Not just in the kitchen, either. I don't like clutter (anymore), I'd love to be able to see under whatever furniture I own (except maybe the couch), and I often make references to hanging my chairs on the walls. It would certainly be easier to sweep.

- Tudor England. I can't explain this one, except that I read The Other Boleyn Girl waaaaaay before it was a movie and then became popular. I don't have the fairy tale myth-view of the castles, kings, and princesses, but I do love the realistic life and times of royalty and castle life.

I used to love ballroom dancing... I can't describe the thrill I had watching really good ballroom dancers, and how my feet would move on their own as I watched. I itched to be on the floor and move that way. I even took one ballroom dance lesson, and I ended up pairing with the instructor, who said I was a natural. It was a BLAST twirling around out there with someone who really knew what they were doing and knew how to lead. I don't know that I'm as psyched about it as I once was, though.

I do, however, still want the body of an Olympc volleyball player. I discovered that during the Beijing Olympics in 2008: I want to look like Kerri Walsh. When I watch people exercising, straining really hard, making progress, accomplishing their goals, becoming healthy, crafting their bodies into the image that they feel like in their minds...I yearn for that. Unfortunately, it's all VERY hard work, and it takes time...which I don't have. I'd also be doing it relatively solo, except for my husband's well-meaning support...but I think both of us know he's no Olympic coach.

That's all I can think of for now. I'll add stuff as I come up with it.

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