Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More gratefuls...

= I have been UBER productive this week. Unfortunately, at the moment, you can't see all the things I've gotten done (ain't that always the way?). But I have. I have done grocery shopping (at least in part, since I had a kid who didn't feel very good). I am getting forms ready for homeschooling. I have laid ten pavers at the bottom of my backyard steps. I bought a printer (by myself, thank you). I picked out a paint color for my coffee table (okay, that's just fun for me). I have have sewn a pillow for my 2yo. I have mended two other couch pillows. I have cleaned off hubby's desk (no small feat). I have taken the trash to the dump. And - not to be overlooked - I have kept up with laundry and dishes. (Okay, looking back over my list, those are relatively few things out of what I wanted to get done...but I guess that means I'll have plenty left to keep me busy!)

= All my children (plus a niece) spontaneously put themselves outside, making it so much easier for me to collect all the things in the living room and pile them on the couch and coffee table for children to put away, which now they are sorting into their bins in the hallway. Tada!

= A week or so ago I bought a new Febreze scent - Thai Dragon Fruit - which I'm now using with the vacuum, and I love it. Light and lovely.

= Brown sugar cinnamon Pop-tarts. That's all.

= Oh, and coffee. Heart.

= Did I mention my bestie?

= I took my first ever exercise class tonight, for goodness' sake! (Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone.) It was nuts. My body doesn't do that. But I did it! And now I know I could do it again.


  1. Yeah for things checked off your to do lists and many others on your thankful list. Especially Pop Tarts. That is all, indeed!

  2. Hey Carrie! I have been so un-plugged! From everything... I too am in the place of simplify, pare-down, declutter - physically and socially, and slow down. (I think that was in another post...?) And too, I thought I could share I tip for you that has just upped my efficiency level and is related to this post... you mentioned making piles for the kids to put away... just recently, I finally bought baskets for my kids. (We have a TINY house, and my girls share their room and the boys share) so I just got a girls basket and boys basket for space reasons. Anyway, anytime I see something laying out that belongs to one of them, I toss it into the according basket, and at the end of the day (or if you are like me, I just wait for the basket to fill) send the kids away with it to put it all away. Cuts down the nagging, makes it so everyone doesn't have to dissapear to tidy up, and makes just one trip for them to go put their things away. I don't know why it has taken me years, really, since I first wanted to do it, to FINALLY do it! :)

  3. Alicia - I do this, too! I have a basket for each of them in the front hallway next to the stairs (I actually have small bins, but at the moment larger baskets are necessary...hehe). I found the same thing as you - it cuts down on me asking them to get up and put something away (on the 3rd floor) a thousand times a day; I just toss it in. I used to have them "do their bins" every day, but of course that lags. :) But yes, great minds think alike!


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